AMBER Launching Meeting in Poland
Inland Fisheries Ireland involvement in AMBER
March 1, 2017
Loire-Allier River Case Study
March 1, 2017
AMBER project Launching Meeting in Poland – 30 November 11.00-14.00

A Research and Development Seminar was organised in the Lodz City by the European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology Polish Academy of Sciences (ERCE PAS, and the The Stanisław Sakowicz Inland Fisheries Institute in Olsztyn (SSIFI, to celebrate the launch of the AMBER project. Among invited guests: experts from ERCE, SSIFI, the Regional Water Management Authority in Warsaw, WWF Poland, Polish Angling Association in Warsaw, and the Environmental Protection Inspectorate. Event also joined the Polish and international students (ERASMUS+ and Mobility Direct) of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection University of Lodz, Poland from programs: ECOHYDROLOGY, Environmental Protection and Ecological Biotechnologies. Event joined 37 participants.

Major Seminar topics:
AMBER project sturucture
WP1 – BARRIER INVENTORY and ATLAS – actual status and plans
WP2 - ECOHYDROLOGICAL Scientific Concept for AMBER
WP2 – MesoHABSIM method – description (applicability for WP4 ¬– Vistula WŁOCŁAWEK DAM Case Study) (see the MesoHABSIM method - short movie (;
WP4 – Vistula WŁOCŁAWEK DAM Case Study – actual status, pros & cons, future political and management strategy
WP4 – Vistula and WŁOCŁAWEK DAM drone short movies and photographs (applicability for WŁOCŁAWEK DAM Case Study – pros &cons)
WP4 – efficiency of the upgraded WŁOCŁAWEK DAM technical fish pass – results and scanner short movies.

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