‘The next global threat to change all our lives’ – a panel discussion at Biology Week debate
AMBER Contributes to Nature’s Science in Shorts
September 29, 2022
European Open Rivers Programme – Call for Expressions of Interest
October 12, 2022

From left to right: Professor Ravi Gupta FRSB, Professor Luca Börger, Professor Diane Ashiru-Oredope, Professor Jim Watson and Dr Nazia Habib.

Professor Luca Börger, one of the AMBER team based at Swansea University, was recently invited to take part in a debate at the Royal Institution of Biology. Professor Börger, who is chair in ecology and biodiversity and co-director for the Centre for biomathematics at Swansea University, began the session by giving an overview of the impact of land-use change on local terrestrial biodiversity and how data can be used to map and show biodiversity loss across the globe.

He went on to discuss his research into animal movement dynamics under environmental change and the effects of nature-based tourism on wildlife, and spoke about the importance of citizen science, using the example of the Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers initiative, as a way to collect data and get people involved in the scientific process.