Dam Removal Goes Alps!
AMBER on Display
May 21, 2021
AMBER Attends EC Workshop on Developing EU Restoration Targets
June 14, 2021

From 4th to 7th May 2021, Dam Removal Europe hosted an online seminar with multiple sessions, each with a thematic focus be enriched with vivid keynote speeches, case studies, and showcases from international experts.

Over 35 international experts provided input different focus themes, and on 5th May, as part of “How to push dam removal forward?”, Professor Carlos Garcia de Leaniz moderated the breakout session “Highlighting negative effects of dams” and presented AMBER’s research during the presentation “Did the publication of the AMBER map change opinions and push removals?”.

931 people from 19 different countries registered to attend, with disciplines such as research, hydropower, and nature conservation represented at each seminar session. The presentations and videos from the seminar are available to watch.