Request for tenders
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September 29, 2016
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November 14, 2016

Request for tenders to develop AMBER Smartphone Application

As part of the AMBER (Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers) project a smartphone application is to be developed with which users can record barriers in the field. These recordings will serve to suplement the barrier atlas of Europe, which is also being produced as part of the AMBER project. The consortium of the AMBER project is looking for an external party to develop this smartphone application. Parties interested in developing the smartphone application are cordially invited to submit a tender.

The smartphone application is expected to function on iOS, Android and Windows. The application must be able to record and submit data and store it in a backend system of the developing party and allow for data to be exported or imported from the backend system into any other systems via API key. The smartphone application must be designed to incorporate (or be sympathetic to) existing project design style guidelines including AMBER logo and AMBER colour scheme.

Interested in submitting a tender? Please read the AMBER Smartphone Application Requirements for more information.


Things to know before submitting a tender

Organisations looking to submit a tender must be registered as a legal entity by the chamber of commerce in their respective country. Also, they must be financially viable to carry out the production of the requested service. They should house staff nescessary to carry out the requested service and be experienced in the development of smartphone applications.

Tenders have to be submitted before the 5th of November 2016 in order to be taken into consideration. Tenders will be evaluated on the principle of Best Value for Money. An indicative price estimate and more information on the evaluation can be found in the Tendering Guidance. The final smartphone application should be ready by July 2017.

Once tenders have been submitted and received, they are evaluated. The evaluation is a 2 -step process. The first step is an initial compliance check of tenders. If the tender does not meet this initial compliance check, it is deemed as non-compliant and will be excluded from further consideration. In the second step, tenders that have passed the initial compliance check will be considered against a set of evaluation criteria. The criteria are based on the best value for money principle.

Once the evaluation has been completed, a winning tender will be selected and announced before the 12th of November 2016.

Interested in submitting a tender? Please read the Tendering Guidance for more information.


How to submit a tender

Tender documents can be submitted via e-mail before the 5th of November 2016. The tender document must be submitted in pdf format and should be no longer than 5 pages. The contact information for submitting the tender can be found in the Tendering Guidance.

Upon selection and notification of the winning tender, the selected candidate and World Fish Migration Foundation will have a meeting to finalise the procurement of the goods and service. Please note that selection of the winning tender does not demand the World Fish Migration Foundation or the selected candidate to engage in a contract for the procurement of the goods and services.

Interested in submitting a tender? Please read the Tendering Guidance for more information.