Afan Valley newsletter reports on the newly funded project ‘Reconnecting the Salmon Rivers of Wales’
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December 9, 2021
AMBER Wins Outstanding International Impact of Research and Innovation Award
May 26, 2022

The project led by Swansea University has been awarded £500,000 for barrier removal from the Nature Networks Fund (Lottery Fund)
This project will help reconnect five iconic Atlantic salmon rivers in Wales and reverse the impacts caused by habitat fragmentation. Reconnecting quality habitats for salmon will make salmon populations less isolated and therefore more resilient to future change. It will also benefit many other aquatic species, including the freshwater pearl mussel, sea trout, sea lamprey, white-clawed crayfish, and the Eurasian otter who require free-flowing rivers. In collaboration with our partners (Natural Resources Wales, Welsh Water, West Wales
River Trust, Afonydd Cymru, Afan Valley Angling Club) we will remove and/or ease 17 disused barriers and help reconnect 141 km of fragmented river habitats across Wales. We will use the AMBER Barrier Tracker app to engage with local communities and showcase the benefits of collaboration in river restoration.

Check the Afan Valley newsletter page 22 for more information on this project