Politecnico di Milano met river scientists from all around the world to talk about river connectivity and the Barrier Tracker application
Questions and answers on barriers to fish migration during the InfoFish
April 23, 2018
Rioseco learns how to help the migratory journey of the trout with the Barrier Tracker app
April 28, 2018



Politecnico di Milano met river scientists from all around the world to discuss the issue of river connectivity and to learn how to support scientists by using the AMBER Barrier Tracker

The Politecnico di Milano organized and hosted the scientific workshop “River connectivity and other management issues” on the 23 April to launch the Citizen Science programme , discuss recent advances in river barrier management and monitoring strategies and share experiences learned all around the world on the topic of river connectivity.

The event included six invited contributions and a final round table. The contributors reported experiences from USA, France, India and Europe in general. The main themes were: Amber ATLAS and river connectivity at the EU scale, including the Barrier Tracker; restoring river connectivity in general; sediment reintroduction to improve sediment connectivity; managing and modelling sediment connectivity at river basins scale; application of archival remote sensing imagery to impounded river systems; the impact of global change on migratory fish species at EU scale.

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More than 30 participants, most of them scientific community (students, researchers and professors mainly from Milan but also from other Northern Italian universities), attended the presentations. There were also some stakeholder representatives such as the Italian Centre for River Restoration or the Authority for Land Reclamation of the Ferrara Province.
During the round table, the discussion was rich and inspiring. Participants really appreciated the event and were impressed about the work produced by the AMBER project and excited to contribute to the Citizen Science program through the Barrier Tracker app.