AMBER Visits China
Symposium on fluvial connectivity in Andalusia Mediterranean Basins
October 8, 2019
News in the Netherlands highlights AMBER work on river fragmentation
February 10, 2020

AMBER Visits China

From 24th to 28th June 2019, Professor Zhe Li and Dr. Lunhui Lu from China visited Swansea University as guests of AMBER, funded by the Royal Society funded project “Adaptive barrier management in the river-reservoir continuum; a comparative study between Chinese and European Rivers”. Read the related news article here.
From 25th October to 3rd November, our Chinese colleagues, funded by the same research award, returned the favour by hosting AMBER’S Professor Carlos Garcia de Leaniz, Professor Sonia Consuegra, Dr. Josh Jones and Dr. Pete Gough on a visit to the Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The AMBER visitors attended the China-UK Workshop on Adaptive Management of River-reservoir on 28th October at the Key Laboratory of Reservoir Environment. Professor Garcia de Leaniz presented an overview of the AMBER project, Professor Consuegra presented information on eDNA, Dr Jones presented stream fragmentation and citizen science, and Dr. Gough presented information on the World Fish Migration Foundation.

Following attendance at the workshop, the AMBER representatives took part in a three-day cruise down the Three Gorges reservoir from Chongqing to Yichang, stopping at sites of local cultural importance and ending at the Three Gorges Dam project.