More Rivers Opened and Weirs Removed in Spain
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May 9, 2018
Large increase in smolt after weirs removed from river
July 15, 2018

LIFE CIPRIBER continues opening rivers and removes 3 more weirs in Salamanca (Spain)

To continue with one of the primary objectives of the project (improving longitudinal connectivity in the main rivers of the southwest in the province of Salamanca Spain), the project has demolished 3 more dams within its plan to act in 38 weirs in the year 2018 (13 partial demolitions, 8 complete removals and 17 fish passages). In fact, Nature wrote a great article about one of its latest and most successful removals, the Yecla de Yeltes dam. The removal of these dams improves the longitudinal connectivity in rivers located in Natura2000 sites such as the Alagón river and Cuerpo de Hombre river, which will contribute to help endemic native cyprinids populations (Achondrostoma arcasii, Achondrostoma salmantium, Pseudochondrostoma duriense , Squalius alburnoides and Cobitis bettonica), as well as conserve and restore the natural habitats in which these species are found. To read more:
Photo Below: Confederacion Hidrografica del Duero