Ingenieurbüro Kauppert hosts a WP3 meeting in Heidelberg
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February 20, 2018
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February 27, 2018

Ingenieurbüro Kauppert hosts a Work Package 3 meeting in Heidelberg

The high density of dams and weirs in European catchments renders it extremely difficult to 'restore' the fluvial continuum to pre-anthropogenic reference conditions. WP3. Restoring Stream Connectivity through Adaptive Barrier Management: Benefits & Trade-offs, is working to develop effective approaches and tools to prioritize and facilitate the removal of barrier effects in fluvial systems in Europe.

The University of Southampton is leading the development of decision tools that will translate information collected using the methodologies developed in WP2 Impacts of Barriers on Stream Habitats & Natural Capital into information on which to make cost effective management decisions, such as standardisation of methods and metrics for assessing the effectiveness of fishways and the impacts on other taxa. It will focus on removing (or reducing) the barrier impacts by improving understanding on the behaviour and swimming capability of a range of aquatic organisms in response to hydrodynamic conditions encountered at barriers under experimental conditions.

Ingenieurbüro Kauppert (IBK), an SME founded in 2006 that specialises in the development of tailor-made technical and research orientated engineering and software solutions in the field of environmental engineering, hosted the meeting that was held in Heidelberg, Germany, during the 18th-19th February 2018.

The University of Southampton (SOTON), Durham University (DU), Ingenieurbüro Kauppert (IBK), European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology (ERCE), Swansea University (SU), UNIPER, Stanisław Sakowicz Inland Fisheries Institut (SSIFI) and RWE Innogy presented updates on the progress of their ongoing project work. Numerous work progression issues were discussed and resolved. Many new actions were assigned to aid in the progression of work in the upcoming months.