Greater Thames Estuary Fish Migration Roadmap
Modelling fish habitat to determine the impacts of barriers
December 18, 2018
Growing our impact by cooperation
January 23, 2019

Greater Thames Estuary Fish Migration Roadmap

The Thames Estuary Partnership together with Nature At Work, the Environment Agency and the Zoological Society of London are the partners implementing The Greater Thames Fish Migration Roadmap project. This project will bring together data relevant to improving fish migration routes and fish habitat in one place--for the first time. This project seeks to address the lack of an integrated approach and progress by looking at migratory routes as roads to identify the ‘highways’, ‘a-roads’ and ‘b-roads’ that migrating fish will use. This approach has already helped water authorities in the Dutch Rhine West Delta to prioritise their measures for lifting barriers to entire routes. The lead partner in that work will play a key role in this project allowing the project to build on previous successes. The migratory roadmap will also provide a platform for identifying habitat restoration and creation opportunities for when opportunities within sea/flood defence and river restoration arise and contribute to data needed for both WFD and MSP reporting and planning.

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