Barrier Tracker also translated into Ukrainian and Slovenian
DAM REMOVAL EUROPE: Removing tens of thousands of obsolete dams in Europe will bring rivers back to life
July 19, 2018
BBC reports on the importance of the AMBER project in Wales
October 2, 2018

During a workshop on European Dam Removal in Sweden, WWF announced they will translate the Barrier Tracker into Ukrainian.

WWF Ukraine is eager to work on restoring free flowing rivers in Ukraine. They explained to be working on legals aspects, possible projects in the field and they will start mapping barriers by using Barrier Tracker. The Barrier Tracker of the European AMBER project allows people to upload photo’s and specifics on barriers in European rivers. The information is used to validate existing databases. The app is currently translated into 9 languages. Recently volunteers in Slovenia have made a translation in Slovenian as well. It is now in testing phase and will be released soon. The barrier tracker has already been downloaded by more than 1,000 people.

Download the Barrier Tracker