Barrier adaptation in action!
Symposium on Connectivity in Mediterranean Rivers
August 30, 2019
AMBER in The Guardian: To save our fish, we must unblock rivers
September 2, 2019

"Barrier adaptation in action!"


The AMBER project has been involved in the new design of the Poutes Dam to improve the connectivity of the River Allier. AMBER researchers helped to determine that by lowering the dam and reducing the size of the reservoir, smolt migration through the reservoir can decrease from 20 days to just 3,6 hours. Additionally, opening the two new sluice gates for three months out of the year will allow for fish migration and sediment transport. The dam is retrofitted with an elevator fishpass for the rest of the year.

This river is one of the few rivers hosting the Loire salmon in Europe; therefore, work on this dam can be of big difference for the survival of this wonderful species.

The partial removal and reconfiguration of the Poutès Dam started this afternoon.The 3 large sluice gates (each 30t) will all be removed. For more detailed information about the barrier adaptation process please visit the ERN timeline.