Weir removal in River Trend, Denmark
“It’s not on the map!”
October 24, 2018
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October 24, 2018

Weir removal in River Trend, Denmark

Approximately 1 year ago, a 2m high weir was removed in River Trend, Denmark. Our team was out to monitor the fish density and habitat changes post-removal yesterday. The results blew us away, so we wanted to share a brief story with you!
The weir was originally built for water intake at a fish farm, the post popular reason for building a weir in Denmark.
Following an agreement between the municipality and the fish farm owner, the fish farm was modified to a recirculating system, and the weir was removed. Check out the before-after images below – the substrate went from mud and sand to gravel and riffles. And the fish! We saw a three-fold increase in fish density within the first 50m upstream of where the weir was.
We weren’t surprised though – we’ve said it before, removing barriers is good!
And throughout the coming days, we are also visiting other removal sites in Denmark:

Idom Dambrug
Risbøl Dambrug
Gelstrup Dambrug
Refsgårdslund Dambrug
Slotsbjerg Fiskeri
Gl. Potkær Fiskeri
Ny Potkær Fiskeri
Øster Ørts Dambrug
Vidkær Dambrug

Post-removal data coming soon!
Trend Before and After

Written by Kim Birnie-Gauvin