The AMBER ECOSTAT Webinar – Turning Adversity Into Success!
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April 20, 2020
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May 20, 2020

The AMBER ECOSTAT Webinar – Turning Adversity Into Success!

Flights, Train tickets, hotel reservations, these could all be cancelled when the developments around the Coronavirus got serious in Europe at the beginning of March. But instead of cancelling the meeting that the AMBER project was hosting as part of the 40th ECOSTAT Meeting in Paris, the AMBER team decided to proceed and turn the planned seminar into a webinar. And that proved to be a good decision.

More than 70 people joined the online meeting that addressed the management of connectivity in the context of the Water Framework Directive and hosting the meeting online meant that there were more participants than originally registered for the physical meeting! Participants were members of the WFD CIS working group ECOSTAT and other interested stakeholders.

Watch the recording of the webinar below:
The webinar introduced the concept of adaptive barrier management and selected AMBER tools were presented. Lack of data and agreed metrics were mentioned by participants as issues seen as main challenges for quantifying river connectivity and people hope that the AMBER study will be a step forward in this process.

After the webinar, representatives from several stakeholder groups confirmed they see the work of AMBER as a step forward, especially as the tools are seen as useful and timely. It was noted that clear links between the AMBER tools and the Water Framework Directive would make the tools easier to apply to real world scenarios. People from member states would also like to use the tools for their River Basin Management Plans (WFD).

AMBER’s Coordinator, Professor Carlos Garcia de Leaniz, concluded that it is very encouraging to see that the next step, which is “how do we apply these tools”, is something that ECOSTAT is going to take forward.