Poland launches the Barrier Tracker app in the Jeziorka River
AMBER & Dam removal Europe seminar and field visit
April 30, 2018
Switzerland launches the Barrier Tracker app next to a free flowing Sihl in Zurich
May 8, 2018

Poland launches the Barrier Tracker app in the Jeziorka River

European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology and the Stanisław Sakowicz Inland Fisheries Institute organized an educational workshop to raise awareness regarding the importance of open rivers. The event was organized in the Imberfal weir on the Jeziorka River, an industrial weir providing water for the paper factory in Konstancin-Jeziorna, perfect scenario to explain and understand the difficulties faced by migratory fish species to fulfil their natural life cycle due to the barriers created in the rivers.
People from a wide range of backgrounds enjoyed the different activities, including the record of the Imberfal weir with the Barrier Tracker app. A stand with different materials and posters provided a great opportunity for people to ask questions and allowed the AMBER team to explain their work in the project.
A demonstrative exhibition of the use of drones in river science to show how AMBER is using them for mapping and monitoring physical river habitats was also organized.
Children became not only citizen scientists but also artists learned how a migratory fish deals with obstacles and discovered the life cycle and the journey of a native fish to give their impressions about fish migration.