Field validation for the barrier ATLAS
Knowledge exchange on AMBER
August 15, 2017
Challenging the salmonid paradigm
October 2, 2017
Within the WP1, the compilation of existing databases on barriers across Europe is progressing. At this stage we have almost completed the collation of data from all AMBER countries and have developed strategies for data collation in other EU countries. The Deliverable 1.2 has been submitted last June 2017. It contains the overall picture of data collation and describes the field validation strategy of existing data as well as the first test performed in Italy. The validation consists of recording all the barriers, and some basic characteristics, encountered along 100 km of river length surveyed in 5 different rivers representative of a wide range of river conditions in a country. During the next months other AMBER partners will carry out field validations in their countries. This exercise will allow us to assess the quality of river barrier monitoring implemented at the national scale.
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