Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers

AMBER will apply adaptive barrier management to help reconnect Europe’s rivers, the smart way.

What is AMBER about?



Let It Flow

AMBER will apply adaptive barrier management to help reconnect European rivers, the smart way.


the first global assessment of stream connectivity across Europe which will serve to highlight the areas where restoration is most needed.


the first application of eDNA for river restoration, and will provide an essential management tool for the prioritization of areas for conservation and barrier management.


a comprehensive socio-economic and hydro-ecological framework for guiding the restoration of local river ecosystems and the ecological, genetic and analytical tools for its implementation.


unparalleled opportunities for real time monitoring by turning citizens into stewards of the river’s natural capital using citizen science.

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Do you want to help?

AMBER will provide a smartphone app which allows you to contribute.

Is there a obstacle blocking rivers in your area? Or are you just curious about a dam or plans to build one? With the AMBER smartphone app you can insert all your local data to help us make a European Barrier Atlas. Coming soon