Over 2500 potential barriers have been identified by Inland Fisheries Ireland
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May 4, 2017
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May 13, 2017
Inland Fisheries Ireland have been compiling information on barriers in rivers, in particular their location and type, which will feed into the Atlas of European Barriers. Within their catchment specific study (Barrow catchment; 3,067 km2), over 2500 potential barriers have been identified remotely, sites are being visited on weekly basis and to date over 233 barriers have been identified.

At their demonstration sites on the Munster Blackwater, Inland Fisheries Ireland is undertaking a programme of acoustic tracking of sea lamprey. The study intends to look at the response of the sea lamprey when they encounter barriers or blockages to their upstream spawning migration. James Barry, fisheries biologist working with the R&D unit in Inland Fisheries Ireland, is also investigating the fish biodiversity in the impounded deep water areas upstream of major weirs. In particular the organization is undertaking an eel specific survey in the impounded sections at our demonstration sites, this study will use PIT tags to estimate eel population size and to investigate changes in the eel population post weir modification.