New research on barrier impacts published by RECONNECT
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February 10, 2020
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April 20, 2020
Dalligan Weir Waterford Ireland

Dalligan Weir Waterford Ireland


New research on barrier impacts published by RECONNECT.

RECONNECT is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-funded project, assessing the extent and impacts of barriers on Irish rivers, and is developing a methodology for prioritising their modification or removal to improve hydromorphology and connectivity in Irish rivers ( Our work is closely aligned with that of AMBER and we have already had the pleasure of linking in with some of the AMBER project team.

The RECONNECT project partners recently published two articles in the journal Science of the Total Environment. Both articles currently have open access. The citations and personalised url access links are as follows:

Casserly, C.M., Turner, J.N., O' Sullivan, J.J., Bruen, M., Bullock. C., Atkinson, S. and Kelly-Quinn, M. (2020). Impact of low-head dams on bedload transport rates in coarse-bedded streams. Science of the Total Environment, vol. 716.

Accessible at this link until 2 April 2020:

Atkinson, S., Bruen, M., O' Sullivan, J.J., Turner, J.N., Ball, B., Carlsson, J., Bullock. C., Casserly, C.M. and Kelly-Quinn, M. (2020). An inspection-based assessment of obstacles to salmon, trout, eel and lamprey migration and river channel connectivity in Ireland. Science of the Total Environment, vol. 719.

Accessible at this link until 19 April 2020.

Dr. Jonathan Turner, School of Geography and University College Dublin Earth Institute Writing on behalf of the RECONNECT project team in Ireland